Kittie’s Kitchen is located in the Peterson Store.  A place the locals remember buying  penny candies way back when. When the building became available, Kittie and her family bought it. She had the idea that she needed to feed people from that building. Since she felt called to do it, it was easier to do.

After remodeling and getting into the building, it slowly started snowballing from there. What started as a way to feed people supper has grown into a lunch, dinner, treat and drink shop.  Now everyone can come through the drive thru since it’s convenient for people whether they have children in the car or are picking up dinner in between their busy schedule.

Kittie’s Kitchen food can be described as nurturing. She cooks the way her mom cooked  & tries to make things that make people feel good, comfort food. Stop by to get a meal from Kittie or a drink & treat from the drink bar & you will experience firsthand how nurturing Kittie’s Kitchen is.

Mission Statement

To nurture our community through food, drinks and a happy customer and employee experience.  To give individuals and families affordable, home cooked meals and treats to bless body, mind and spirit.