The Beginning of Kittie’s Kitchen

Kittie’s Kitchen is owned by Steve and Kittie Peterson. We purchased the building that Kittie’s Kitchen is in from Jolene Smith who owned Bernina’s Best.  She had purchased it from the Snake River Teachers Credit Union who had bought it from Steve’s aunt and uncle, Frank and Alice Colson.  It had been in the Peterson family for generations and we wanted to get in back in the family.  The idea of making meals was not what any of us had in mind but once that inspiration came we knew what we needed to do.  From there it was a matter of remodeling and getting the proper equipment and permits.  Thanks to our sons, Lex, Trevor, Hans and Cooper for all the manpower put in to make this happen.

We opened in May of 2017 just making dinners 4 times a week. We added a drink bar and drive through in June of 2019 and now offer all kinds of sodas, wonderful treats, lunches and dinners.

We will be adding stories to our blog page as we feel inspired.  We hope you enjoy hearing our thoughts and seeing our recipes and photos.

To all of our wonderful customers and friends!! Thank you for your trust in letting us feed you. We love to think maybe in a small way we helped make your day brighter!